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BBQ Scallops with Green Chili Nahm Jim recipe

November 23, 2016

Looking for a dish that is quick, delicious and the family will love?
BBQ Scallops with Green Chili Nahm Jim is a perfect dish for the warmer days and nights!

BBQ Scallops with Green Chili Nahm Jim

12           scallops in half of the shell or out of the shell
2 tbsp     vegetable oil
2 tbsp     coconut zest
1 tbsp     roasted peanuts, crushed
1 tbsp     kaffir lime zest

Heat the BBQ plate to a medium to high heat. Place cleaned scallops on a paper towel to remove the excess moisture. Coat BBQ with vegetable oil and sear the scallops until medium. Serve back in the scallop shells or on a Chinese spoon. Garnish with coconut zest, peanuts and kaffir lime.
Serve with Green Chili Nahm Jim

Green Chili Nahm Jim

3            cloves
1            golden shallot
3            coriander roots, washed, scraped and chopped
4            green chili chopped with as many seeds as you like
10ml      lime juice
1 tbsp    palm sugar
             fish sauce to taste

Pound garlic, shallots and coriander root to a paste. Add chopped chili and pound until mostly broken up. Add palm sugar and mix. Add lime juice and mix until sugar is dissolved. Season with fish sauce and allow to stand before using

Thank you to Claire from Sticky Rice Cooking School for letting us in on a secret recipe, that you can learn along with other Asian dishes at the cooking school located in Stirling... For more details on the Sticky Rice Cooking School visit